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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Golden Globes 2010

This entry is going to feature the "Golden Globes".  Winners of different awards. Best & worst dressed. Cliche.. I know, but has to be done! 

I'll be getting the images from here: http://www.goldenglobes.org/gallery/ so follow along ;)!

Let's take it from the top, the winner of the " BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A TELEVISION SERIES – DRAMA" award. I have to say, not too fond of the dress. Doesn't complement her body.. http://cdn.goldenglobes.org/slideimages/page_14591263827811.jpg it makes her hips look way too big, but the top part is OK, but could be worked on. So, Bravo for winning, but the dress, not so much.. 

On to the Hangover-clan. Their suits are average. I'm disapointed Bradley Cooper didn't wear a black/on/black suit, he really made it work! As for Heather Graham, her dress was OK. Although, I might have needed a full body view but it wasn't that bad.. So, props to her :)!

Susan Levin looked pretty good, her dress weirdly looked like Heather Graham's but it was good. It complemented her body well.. Give it a 5.5 - 6.

Nicole Kidman looks way too skinny, and that color resembles her color too much.  I flat-out hate it. Maybe if she got a tan before the event? I don't know, though, the dress' design isn't all bad..

Christina's dress looked OK. It's 'her'. So... I don't know know if I'm too into the double-color/texture thing but I'll give it a 4.

Sandra Bullok. One of my personal favorites. Failed to amaze me with her dress! The color looks good, but the overall design of it doesn't really say anything to me. 

The "Big Love" winner's dress was I can't say I hate it or love it, for that matter.. But I think ruffles on the side - too much.

I'm proud of Meryl Streep for her award, but the dress NO! What was she thinking? It looks like Jersey to me. Ugh. Better luck next time.

To be honest? I didn't find one dress out there "AMAZING" but, I guess they're just getting ready for the Oscars. Oh well.

So, now I opened this page: http://www.goldenglobes.org/gallery/category/26/ maybe we'll find our winner here :)!

I'll be going in order, saying "yes", "no" and maybe some comments here and there.

Jane Adams - No. Ugly color, and I despise that kind of sleeve!
Rose Bryne - No. The dress doesn't look like it fits well, and it's way too plain.
Olivia Wilde - Not that bad. Too much cleavage for my liking (>not "too much" but in the wrong way)
Lara Spencer - Ok. Plain, white, nice touch with the bag.
Maria M (who the hell is that!) - Whoa. Way too much! The fabric looks cheap, the top part isn't all bad. So, a NO.
Gaboury - Um.. No, BUT because the sleeves aren't "cute". For my taste. They look put on. I didn't like it, really.
Jullian Moore - WTF is she wearing!? Extremely UNFLATTERING!
Jenifer Goodwin - ABSOLUTELY YES! That's the prettiest dress so far!
George Clooney's guest - Erm.. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Color = too repetitive.
Anna P. - No. The dress is way too repetitive. I've seen that print a million times now!
Fergie - No. Just look at it, you'll see what I mean.
Tea Leoni - Not "Golden Globes"-y. Looks like WORK WEAR!
Diane K. - No. Too much pink!
Emily Blunt - I don't hate it. It's actually look-able. Yay.
Mavis Spencer - Finally. We're going somewhere. Her skin tone + that dress = Perfect. 'Nuf said.
Jayma person - Nay.
Tina Fey - I expected more from her. Oh well.
Drew Barrymore - WTF is that!?
Julia Roberts - Nothing much there..
Rita Wison - DENIED.
Sofia V. - Eh. Not really what I would pick to wear..
Sara Hyland - Not too bad, cliche. But OK.
Cameron Diaz - Ew. LOL.

After that nothing caught my eye. I guess the winners here are Jenifer Goodwin & Emily Blunt! Yay :)!

Till next time,

CocoHala <3

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