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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

OSCARS - Best Dressed

Hello :) It's OSCAR season! I'll post pictures of my favorite looks :]!

  1. Penelope Cruz in Donna Karen 
  2. Anna Kendrick in Elli Saab
  3. Demi Moore in Versace

These are the three that stood out the most to me!
I'll also post a worst dressed post :)!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Loss of a Genius

Today, I'm sad to announce that the great Alexander McQueen, one of my favorite designers, died. He left behind an amazingly large legacy and I would like to dedicate this blog post to all his amazing work.

First, I want to start with his current masterpieces.
Such an amazing peice: - has the sophisticated, yet up-dated look to it. Pure love. Especially when paired with black leather leggings!

Then, he has his amazingly phenomenal scarves.. , , and many many more. They're an essential piece in any closet out there!

His amazing clutches, in all different colors. A perfect item to add to any outfit.

Lady Gaga constantly sports his clothes; like these shoes that got lots of criticism, I'm sure that after what happened, people will be buying those ;)!

Rihanna, another 'style icon';

Camilla Belle;

He also designed these amazingly gorgeous shoes: & the phenomenal heart pumps : (great V-Day gift!) and so many more!

McQueen is an amazing designer, and I for one am still shocked that he would do that. But they say all artists kill themselves, or something! Oh well, let's hope he gets replaced by someone equally as good, or not at all

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Golden Globes 2010

This entry is going to feature the "Golden Globes".  Winners of different awards. Best & worst dressed. Cliche.. I know, but has to be done! 

I'll be getting the images from here: so follow along ;)!

Let's take it from the top, the winner of the " BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A TELEVISION SERIES – DRAMA" award. I have to say, not too fond of the dress. Doesn't complement her body.. it makes her hips look way too big, but the top part is OK, but could be worked on. So, Bravo for winning, but the dress, not so much.. 

On to the Hangover-clan. Their suits are average. I'm disapointed Bradley Cooper didn't wear a black/on/black suit, he really made it work! As for Heather Graham, her dress was OK. Although, I might have needed a full body view but it wasn't that bad.. So, props to her :)!

Susan Levin looked pretty good, her dress weirdly looked like Heather Graham's but it was good. It complemented her body well.. Give it a 5.5 - 6.

Nicole Kidman looks way too skinny, and that color resembles her color too much.  I flat-out hate it. Maybe if she got a tan before the event? I don't know, though, the dress' design isn't all bad..

Christina's dress looked OK. It's 'her'. So... I don't know know if I'm too into the double-color/texture thing but I'll give it a 4.

Sandra Bullok. One of my personal favorites. Failed to amaze me with her dress! The color looks good, but the overall design of it doesn't really say anything to me. 

The "Big Love" winner's dress was I can't say I hate it or love it, for that matter.. But I think ruffles on the side - too much.

I'm proud of Meryl Streep for her award, but the dress NO! What was she thinking? It looks like Jersey to me. Ugh. Better luck next time.

To be honest? I didn't find one dress out there "AMAZING" but, I guess they're just getting ready for the Oscars. Oh well.

So, now I opened this page: maybe we'll find our winner here :)!

I'll be going in order, saying "yes", "no" and maybe some comments here and there.

Jane Adams - No. Ugly color, and I despise that kind of sleeve!
Rose Bryne - No. The dress doesn't look like it fits well, and it's way too plain.
Olivia Wilde - Not that bad. Too much cleavage for my liking (>not "too much" but in the wrong way)
Lara Spencer - Ok. Plain, white, nice touch with the bag.
Maria M (who the hell is that!) - Whoa. Way too much! The fabric looks cheap, the top part isn't all bad. So, a NO.
Gaboury - Um.. No, BUT because the sleeves aren't "cute". For my taste. They look put on. I didn't like it, really.
Jullian Moore - WTF is she wearing!? Extremely UNFLATTERING!
Jenifer Goodwin - ABSOLUTELY YES! That's the prettiest dress so far!
George Clooney's guest - Erm.. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Color = too repetitive.
Anna P. - No. The dress is way too repetitive. I've seen that print a million times now!
Fergie - No. Just look at it, you'll see what I mean.
Tea Leoni - Not "Golden Globes"-y. Looks like WORK WEAR!
Diane K. - No. Too much pink!
Emily Blunt - I don't hate it. It's actually look-able. Yay.
Mavis Spencer - Finally. We're going somewhere. Her skin tone + that dress = Perfect. 'Nuf said.
Jayma person - Nay.
Tina Fey - I expected more from her. Oh well.
Drew Barrymore - WTF is that!?
Julia Roberts - Nothing much there..
Rita Wison - DENIED.
Sofia V. - Eh. Not really what I would pick to wear..
Sara Hyland - Not too bad, cliche. But OK.
Cameron Diaz - Ew. LOL.

After that nothing caught my eye. I guess the winners here are Jenifer Goodwin & Emily Blunt! Yay :)!

Till next time,

CocoHala <3

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Classics // Modern

In the past decade, the classic look was so in. But people didn't wear them like they were worn some 60 years ago. Lets take the Chanel bag. It was all Coco Chanel's idea, she wanted people to lay-off wearing all those layers. That was probably around the 20s. Then came Dior with the Lady Dior hang-bag, one of my favorites! It was in all the movies in the '60s, not to mention Breakfast at Tiffany's! Then there comes the Hermes Birkin & Kelly bag. Which I absolutley adore! People, I also mean Victoria Beckham here!, are wearing it a lot lately; through out these past few years. I guess what I'm trying to say is that all these gorgeous designs have been IN through out the decade & they probably will still be in now. I can't help but thinking are they still going to be worn until 2020 comes? Or will this new trend come in?! Give me your thoughts!

Also, lately Balmain came up with the futuristic style. I LOVE it! Its what I call the Gaga-esque style. It's leggy, and that makes me wonder is it that practical? I mean lately all the people I've seen wearing it are MODELS who are used to this! I'd love to wear a similar dress; I'll be looking around ;* If you know another designer that makes similar dresses, leave his/her name on the comment, thanks! Anyway, I love the padding he adds to his jackets and blazers; . I love the white t-shirt, blazer (or leather jacket) & skinny black jeans! I feel like it's just gorge! And, he started off in the '40s, so that's also a classic look, but taken too far.

CocoHala <3

* Tell me what you want featured on this blog & I'll try my best!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


So, it's me again. Lately, there has been a huge buzz over who's the most fashionable woman of the decade. In People magazine, they chose Queen Rania. But honestly, I love her and all, but I would so pick Victoria Beckham, I mean she is a fashion icon. I love what she wears, I know that a lot of people out there hate her, but really she's not THAT BAD! She can do it all, from t-shits and skinny jeans to  fancy dresses; now that's someone I can look up to! I find her syle bold, and I love it I mean who would wear a dress like this and still look fabulous?! . She sports the casual look just as perfectly; I'm loving her Birkins bags! She has probably 10 in her closet, if not more! 

I also love Kim Kardashian's style, she's really brought back the curvy look after the anorexic phase almost everyone went through, including Nicole Richie. Kim Kardashian would look good in practically everything, from sweats; to gorgeous coctail dresses; (which looked better on her than on Ashlee Simpson). Nicole Richie is another favorite of mine, although I'm not too fond of the boho look, she makes it work! 

I like to divide her style into three catagories; the 'chubby' phase, which isn't ugly! Her anorexic phase; I hated it, nothing looked good on her, I'm so glad that's all in the past -! And, her present phase. She did have a that time before the anorexia, which was also good (simple life season 3). I love the trend she left; because I love head bands!

'till Next time,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Blog #1

My first blog entry. Well... I guess I should say what I'll be blogging about, well... As many people in this world, I love clothes, fashion, everything remotely close to that; hence the "coco" in my name ;). So, anyway, this isn't just going to be a blog where I praise the designer from his or her "fabulous" designs, but I'll get both sides, I'll praise and exploit. The phrase "Fashion-Victim" doesn't mean ME, but the people being victimized in this. So, before we get started let's just clarify a few points; I live, breath Marc Jacobs. I don't hate any designer, so you won't find any hate here. I prefer Elle over Vogue, but read both. And, you can follow me on Twitter; @halabx

So, for today, I visited my favorite site, ever, Net-a-porter; visited the "What's New" section ( can't say anything caught my eye, except I did find the Missoni scarfs OK - the first on that is. But what is with the dresses, eugh! And, Oscar de La Renta? Those two pieces are just dreadful ( alone or together; they just made my eyes bleed. 

On to the next page, I just feel like Sonia Rykiel is just to repetitive I mean enough with the same prints, she's been using the same ones since like 2004! I'm not saying I'm not a fan, but she's making it awfully hard to keep my closet from being the same thing over and over again! And, with those designs more than two people end up wearing the same thing, I'll pass this season; for now. See by Chloe - another favorite of mine, failed to please me this season too.

It's still the beginning of the season, so they might clean up their acts, LOL. The winter '09-'10 isn't looking too bad, but then again the spring line rarely looks good.